Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-Mother’s Day Tea party

Ellie has a wonderful preschool!  I thought Austin’s was okay too, but I feel like Ellie’s just has so much more energy to it and that the staff just seems to go the extra mile.

Today she and her classmates hosted a Mother’s Day Tea  Party.  Riley and I showed up for the last half hour of class and the preschool kids sang us a few short songs, they each gave us mom’s a hand-made gift, and then we had juice and cupcakes for a treat.  Ellie was insistent that she “serve” me.  Can’t argue with that!  Train ‘em young!

I was teaching swimming lessons during their Valentine’s Day party so I missed her singing at that time but I had countless parents come up to me afterwards to tell me what a hoot Ellie was during the singing.  So, this time I decided to film the whole thing.  It’s probably 4 or 5 shorts songs and only 5 minutes long.  Ellie is front and center and really put her heart into these tunes.  She was quite a ham.  Only, she wasn’t hamming it up…it’s truly just how she is.  Such a sweetie!

Ellie Sings Mother’s Day Songs

Just like on Valentine’s Day, quite a few of the other mom’s commented on how cute/funny Ellie was singing and how their kids are always talking about “Ellie Runchey” (There are 3 Ellie’s in her class, so they have to be specific).  Hopefully she’s not being too goofy during school time to be leaving such a mark in the kids’ minds.  But, I’m pretty sure I’d know by now (I’d hope!) if that were the case, she’s just being Ellie and this happy mom thinks she’s perfect!

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Linda Rasmussen said...

That was cute! Ellie certainly gets into her music!!