Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Little Soccer Star

Ellie is finally old enough to play some sort of organized sport for Shakopee’s Park and Rec.  I offered her a couple different choices and she decided on soccer.  She has really been looking forward to this starting and Tuesday was the night!

For the last week she has requested we go outside to practice a little bit each day.  I set up little cones in the yard and she dribbles the ball around the cones.  Then we practice throwing the ball into play, kicking goals, stopping goals, and then I tell her I have exhausted my knowledge of soccer and she’s on her own.  Usually by then she’s done anyway.  But, to be honest, she’s not too bad.  She keeps the ball under pretty good control for a 4 year old (I think….I really have nothing to compare to).

Tonight was her first practice and she had a smile on her face the whole time!  Her coach is awesome.  He’s the dad of one of the kids on the team and he said it’s his third kid to go through the program.  He was fantastic with the kids.  The first order of business was picking a team name.  Her team toggled between “the Whales” and “the Sharks”, but in the end the “Sharks” won out.  They played a couple games to learn ball control, and worked on passing and stopping the ball.  It is just a 45 minute practice but the time flew by.  I forgot I had my camera in my purse until almost the end so I just snapped one picture.


She loves wearing those shin guards around (they have pink stripes!) and constantly tells me to kick her in the shins when she has them on.  Then reminds me every time “it doesn’t hurt!!!”

I was most proud of Ellie for her sportsmanship.  She was constantly cheering on her team mates and helping kids up if they fell down.  She’s a soccer sweetie!

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