Monday, May 21, 2012

Nothing but Parties

Ellie is on the home stretch with preschool.  Last Friday she went to a YMCA day camp for school, today she went to the YMCA splash pad at school, and on Wednesday she has her last day, graduation, and ice cream social!  She is very ready for kindergarten but has had a wonderful time at preschool!

I was able to go along with her to the day camp on Friday which was a lot of fun!  Ellie and I got paired up with Emerson as our “buddy”.  Emerson and Ellie will both be going to the same kindergarten next year so there’s a chance they will be in the same class.


The girls wanted to sit in the very back of the bus and those two sang “The Wheels on the Bus” at full force, by themselves, for the whole ride.  Luckily, Camp Kici Yapi is very close to the preschool.

Once we got to the camp we all warmed up with some camp songs and then we were split into groups.  Our group went to Archery first.  I helped Ellie set up her bow and arrow and coached her through it and she is very proud that her first arrow made it all the way to the target.  She was the only one in our group to accomplish that so she was quite proud.  Back in my Indian Princess days we shot arrows at a giant plywood wall covered with balloons.  Ellie had a much smaller target so I was impressed too!

After Archery we hiked to the lake for a rowboat ride.  The Y counselor asked for a parent volunteer to go out on the row boat with the kids.  My hands were firmly glued to my sides as being out on a lake with a rowboat full of preschoolers is NOT my idea of fun.  Luckily, Bree’s grandma was up for the task:


After the rowboat it was time for arts and crafts.  The kids all got to paint a rock.


This reminded me to start saving our egg cartons for upcoming summer painting projects.

This kids all did a great job and had a blast.  For any families in the area, Camp Kici Yapi in Prior Lake has “Family Days” the first Thursday of June, July, and August from 6-8pm.  It’s free and you can all go try your hand at day camp activities.  I know we’ll be back!

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