Friday, May 18, 2012

Lunch Notes

When it comes to school lunch, Austin definitely does not take after me.  I tried a handful of school lunches when I was forced to, or when my mom was volunteering in the school cafeteria and I wanted to go through the line to see her.  But, the rest of my school years I brought my lunch from home.  Except in 5th and 6th grade when we all of the sudden were granted the freedom to purchase a la carte items and then I had a Nutty Bar and  Chocolate Shake almost every day for lunch.  I’m not sure my parents knew that.

Anyway, not only does Austin eat school lunch most days, he actually enjoys quite a few of them.  One of my favorite parts of bringing my lunch from home was that my mom always wrote me a note.  It made the good days great and brightened up the bad days.  Since Austin doesn’t bring home lunch I don’t have many opportunities to pass on this little tradition to him. 

This week he took his lunch twice so here are my notes:



I guess it was theme week.  I was wishing Rob was around because then he could draw Yoda.  Except two home lunches in one week was already an anomaly so Yoda can wait for next time!


Carol said...

How fun and very creative, Austin may be wanting to bring lunch from home more often.

Sheri said...

Wow Tracy, can you ever draw! If I were Austin, I would start asking for hidden notes in my back pack just to cheer me up. To heck with lunch!