Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Austin’s Track & Field Day

Monday was Austin’s track and field day.  It was a beautiful morning to spend outside cheering on my favorite first grader! 

Austin was able to choose 3 events he wanted to participate in, and then each class competes against each other in a tug-of-war.  Austin decided on the 50 yard hurdles, the ball-toss, and the tire roll.

First up was the ball-toss.


I don’t think he was feeling this.  He gets very nervous when he has to stand up in front of any sort of group.  He did fine, but the kid next to him threw it almost past that baseball diamond in the background.  I think Austin came in 4th.  Everyone gets a yellow wrist band for participating and then blue goes to first, red to second, and green to third.  It didn’t take long for the kids to figure out what all the colors meant and Austin was pretty bummed he didn’t have blue, red, or green.  But he was happy he got to keep this wristband (my little hoarder).

His next event was hurdles.  He wasn’t quite ready for the start but made up for it along the way.  I was so busy cheering him on I didn’t snap a picture of this event, but he got second.  Hurray!  Now that his fear of not getting a placing wristband were over, he enjoyed the rest of his day a lot more.

His next event was the tire roll.  He signed up for this because ‘it was easy’.  However, they practiced the tire roll on their nice smooth gym floor, not grass.  But he had a good attitude and finished with a smile.

I’ve sat through a couple track and field days for Maddie and Jake (their school is very close to our house so it’s easy to walk over for a bit) so I knew that the Tug-of-War at the end was going to be my favorite part.  All of the parents seem to be a bit more into it by this time and the cheering gets loud.


Man those kids were pulling with everything they had!  And some of the battles were extremely close and went on for quite awhile!  In the above picture Austin is 3rd from the back (4th I guess…didn’t see that anchor almost on the ground), and his teacher is right beside him cheering them on.  And…..


VICTORY!!!  They played each class once and went undefeated.  It was a nail biter!  My parents left right before the tug-of-war for that very reason.  It’s too nerve wracking for my mom!


His class got the first grade tug-of-war trophy!


And Austin was excited to go home with 4 new wristbands!

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