Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wacky Day

As Ellie nears the end of her preschool year, it seems the theme days are starting up.  Last week she had Pajama Day.  Even though Riley does not attend the school, she insisted on also having pajama day.  Only Riley picked out pajamas that were about 2 sizes too small so she ran errands with me wearing capri pants and a belly shirt.  We received a couple odd looks.

Yesterday was Wacky Day!  Ellie was pretty excited for this day and woke up with a wacky attitude to match her attire.


She picked out her outfit, we put pony tails all over her head (7 total), spray painted her hair pink, I drew stripes on her face and polka dots on her arms (then she requested polka dots on her face too), she also wore two different shoes, and walked into school with her backpack on her front…a bellypack. 

Riley originally thought she also wanted to participate in wacky day, which was good since the outfit she picked out was fairly wacky (an everyday occurrence for her).  But, Ellie’s pink hair freaked her out a bit and she lost all notions of joining in the fun.  I offered to draw a flower on her cheek but she said that wasn’t “wacky” and declined.


The best part of the day was after preschool when I ran a few errands with the girls (still wacky).  I went into a salon to get something and one of the ladies working there had a couple pink strips of hair on one side of her head and purple on the other side.  She had an eye brow ring, and the ear I could see had no less than 10 earrings.  Ellie’s eyes widened and I just knew what was going to happen before any words were spoken.

Stylist:  Wow!  Look at you, you look great!

Me:  It’s Wacky Day at school today.

Stylist:  I bet you were the wackiest one there….were you?

Ellie:  Yeah, I think I was.  Are you the wackiest one working here?

The stylist took it in stride.  I’m pretty sure if you accessorize like she did, you are used to an odd comment here and there.  I don’t think I need to worry about Riley going “punk” anytime soon as so was scared of this stylist (and Ellie’s pink hair).  Ellie on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed her pink hair.  Hopefully that is not a sign of things to come!

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