Saturday, April 7, 2012

San Diego–Day 5

Sadly, Day 5 was our last day. And it was a short day, at that.  Our flight for home left at 2:30 and we wanted to be out of Carrie’s apartment on and our way to the airport by 12:30.

We spent the morning cleaning and packing and then decided to walk to the beach right by Carrie’s apartment for one last dip in the ocean.

The beach by Carrie’s apartment appeared to be a bit of a surfer’s hangout.  As the surfers were coming and going, in their FULL wetsuits, they eyed us as obvious tourists.  It wasn’t exactly a warm day, and the ocean is freezing all the time anyway.  One guy even stopped me and the girls (seeing them in their swimsuits) and said “I hope you’re not expecting warm water!” and then did an exaggerated shiver.  I assured him I was not and told him my kids just didn’t care, they loved the waves!  He smiled and nodded, as a surfer I’m sure he could appreciate that.


This beach went on forever.  Kind of rocky.  But also, the surfers walking out into the ocean walked out waist high in the water for a long way before they’d hop on their board so if it were warmer, it probably would have been a good area for the kids to get into the ocean a little more (since it was so shallow for such a long way out).

However, it was not warm.


I stayed huddled in my sweatshirt.  Only able to stand my feet in the water for small amounts of time before they were frozen.  Austin spent his time running in and out of the water being chased by waves.  Ellie spent her time digging in the sand for shells (or anything that looked interesting).  Riley spent her time running between the two activities.

Austin finally did concede that it was a little chilly and went back to one of his favorite beach activities:


That’s my boy!

We headed back to Carrie’s after an hour or so to do the final packing and walk through.  I knew we would forget something because we can never leave a place with all our belongings, but we did as much of a scouring of the apartment as possible looking for hidden toys.

(As it turns out, we did leave behind Abigail, Ellie’s newly acquired dolphin, but about a week later Carrie found it stuffed in the crack between her fridge and wall.  Kinda serves Ellie right to be missing that one!)

The flight home was fairly uneventful.  Austin and Rob were lucky enough to have a row of seats to themselves and the girls and I took up the other side.  Five days of “go go go” and no naps was just a bit much for them and they both crashed about 2 hours into the flight.


My leg was pretty numb from Riley laying on it, but it beat “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes.

All in all, I’d say our first family vacation was a success!  Of course they had their moments, but overall I think our kids did fantastic and it was a really enjoyable time for us as a family.  I think we all came back with spring fever and are anxiously awaiting Summer Break! 

The kids caught a little bit of the travel bug and are already planning our next trip!

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