Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Good Report

Yesterday afternoon Rob and I went to Ellie’s end of the year conferences for preschool.  She loves her preschool and absolutely loves learning!  At the beginning of the year we had a conference but I think the teachers were still getting to know all the students.  I prefer the end of the year conferences because the teachers know the kids and all their idiosyncrasies. 

I am proud to say that Ellie received a glowing review.  Her teacher had samples of her work from the beginning of the year and compared them to samples from the end of the year.  For example:

Ellie beg preschool

That is Ellie’s self portrait from September.

Ellie end preschool

And that is her self portrait from last week.  She now has an outline of a body (rather than just arms).  Progress! Right?  She has a belly button and zombie-esk eyes in both pictures.  But, she added a goatee.  Her name is a bit more controlled at the top of the page and she was close to getting her number right!

All joking aside, she truly did have a great report.  She counted to 29, recognized all her letters and numbers, wrote all her letters and numbers (up to 10), knew her shapes, cut on the line, and is starting to read small words.  Best of all she is friendly and kind everyone.  They said she has no trouble playing with anyone and she loves to speak up in class and share stories unabashed.

Ellie is really excited for Kindergarten!  I am too.  I love watching my children learn new things.  Watching Austin really grasp reading this past year has been amazing.  I hope Ellie’s love of learning continues for a long time to come!

I told Ellie she could choose a special treat after her conferences for doing so well.  I was sending her telepathic messages that she wanted frozen yogurt, but her choice was to go to the gas station to pick out some candy.  I guess she still has some things to work on.

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Kerry said...

Awesome job, Ellie!