Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun in the Dirt!

My parents are putting up a fence right now and last Saturday my dad requested help from the guys (and girls if we wanted).  Rob went over on Saturday morning and the kids and I were lured over later with the promise of McDonald’s!  As we pulled up, Austin was elated to see the Murphy cousins were there.  He didn’t waste any time seeking out Jake and soon they were all outside running around. 

After about an hour I spotted Austin eyeing the huge mound of dirt in the lot next door (there is a new house going up).  I knew he was dying to climb all over it so I told him to go for it.  He said he was going to get Jake and I was sure to announce that I said “Austin” go climb it…but that Jake would have to ask his mom.  I wasn’t getting any dirty looks!  But, as I suspected, Kerry didn’t care either and pretty soon all the cousins were sitting atop of the mountain!


Meditating, of course.

They played on this thing forever!  Riley was quite the little daredevil sliding down the steepest parts.  And, of course, by the time they were done, they were filthy!  Ellie was the first to wear out (though, being the girly girl she is, she was never that into it) and she came and first fell asleep on my lap.  Grandma went and got a blanket for the grass and Ellie made her way over there.  She literally flopped down and collapsed.


We eventually covered her up.


We dragged her into the shade too….she slept through it all; including my dads screechy chop saw.  When I woke her up a couple hours later (yes, I had to wake her up!) I asked if she had a good rest and I got a very emphatic “YES!” from her.  I guess sleeping in the outdoors is just what she needed!

Once the allure of the mountain wore off the kids came back to check out the progress of the fence.  This is when they discovered the holes. 


They all took their turns popping into these post holes.  It was like a game of whac-a-mole.  You can just barely see Riley’s head peeking out of the one hole.  She thought this was great!

The guys got all the kinks worked out on the fence and the progress is coming along.  I didn’t do a darn thing that Saturday (except eat McDonald’s), but I have been back twice to help since to redeem my laziness.  On the way home from our latest trip Austin was eyeing the dirt pile again.  As I remembered the amount of sand I washed off little bodies that night I said he could not go in it that day, but that he could play in it again on Grandpa’s birthday (this Sunday).  To which I received a hissing ‘Yesssss!”.  Then I said “Grandpa is going to be 65!“ and Austin stopped short and said “Whoa! I had no idea he was that young!”  I wasn’t sure if my dad would like that statement or not!  It’s nice that 65 is “that young” but it also means Austin thinks he looks like an old geezer.  Just sayin’….

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