Monday, March 5, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend Rob took the kids down to Iowa…I stayed home!

Austin even got to leave school early for the occasion!  He told me “I definitely do not want to miss ‘read aloud’ time but I would be okay if I missed Math.”.  His wish was granted.  He left immediately after “Read Aloud” and skipped his math test (which I’m sure he made up today).

By 1:45 I was practically kicking my family out of the door.  I was looking SO forward to this weekend and I had planned to eat lunch after they left around 1pm in peace.  Riley wouldn’t be there to try and eat all my food.  So, by 1:45 I was starving and they needed to leave!

My plans for the weekend involved nothing.  The other times that Rob has taken the kids to Iowa I have tried to use that time to get something accomplished at home.  I would go through the kids toys and donate things they wouldn’t miss, or another time I tiled the mudroom.  This weekend I kept my calendar completely free and planned things as I felt like it!  Friday night I went to visit my friend, Michelle, who works a bar/grill.  Saturday I randomly decided to go play Bingo at Mystic with a friend I normally only ever see once a year.  Then I went to dinner with my sister’s family to a new (to me) Mexican restaurant.  I followed that up with a trip back to Mystic to watch my Mom in action on the slot machines.  She makes winning look so easy.  Sunday I went to REI to take my time perusing their new spring items and then followed it up with a Caribou coffee and a good book.  My weekend was perfect and I didn’t do one ounce of cleaning or home improvement.

From the pictures Rob sent me I could tell the kids were having a great time too.

Giant bubble baths:




And a sleepover in “Tent City”:


Riley told me her tent broke but that she got to sleep with Daddy which I’m sure she thought was cooler than a tent anyway.  I’m pretty sure they would have stayed there forever!

Thanks to my wonderful husband for a much needed break!  I’m feeling rejuvenated….and ready for more Bingo.

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