Monday, March 19, 2012

Future Scientists

Last week I went to Jake’s science class and gave a presentation about being a microbiologist.  I admit I felt a little weird this time around (I did it for Maddie’s class back in the day too) because I have not been working in a lab for quite a few years now.  But, I guess what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

Back when I did it for Maddie’s class I had a full hour to give my talk, do a demonstration, give each of the kids a petri plate and swab and teach them how to swab areas of the classroom for bacteria, plus “play” with some equipment.  This year, I had 30 minutes.  The first group of kids were quite rushed to get their swabs done.  But, the second class had a bit more time because I talked 100 mph through my presentation so we could get to the fun stuff.

Before I left for the talk the girls wanted to know what was in my bag so I gave them a mini version of my presentation.  Which includes dressing up a kid….





They thought this was great!  Then they quickly got out of costume and begged to leave and go to Aunt Kerry’s house.  They think going to her house is just the greatest thing ever.  When I picked them up they had gone on a scavenger hunt, played with  Sadie, and baked cookies.  I can see the attraction!  Science Schmience.  Aunt Kerry’s is where it’s at!

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david.infanger said...

I do miss seeing T-bone in a hairnet. The good old days grow one day older.