Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3rd Child = Spoiled

Being a third (last) child, I’ve heard my parents utter this phrase often.  “Spoiled” sounds like such a rotten term to describe someone as sweet as me so I always disliked when they would tell people I was spoiled.  I think I always associated it with “spoiled brat”….which I didn’t think I was (hopefully).  As I grew up I realized that’s not what they meant.  Now that I am having more one on one time with Riley, I am getting a full grasp of what they were saying all those years!

Since Austin is in school all day, and Ellie is in preschool M-W-F for a couple hours, Riley and I have about an hour together most days.  I always go to the gym right after we drop off Ellie (it’s connected to her preschool) and afterwards I pick up Riley from the child care area and we have about an hour to burn before we need to go back for Ellie.  Since we’re already out and about, we usually use this time to run errands.  On said errands, I’m finding Riley usually steers us in a direction that benefits her.

It started innocently with an Icee from Sam’s club.  Then every once in awhile a smoothie from Caribou (okay, maybe this benefitted me too..but it was her idea, I swear!).  Pretty soon we’re going places that aren’t part of our errands at all:



We’re working on the word “secret”.  I always tell her not to tell her siblings about our outings because they would be sad they missed it.  She hasn’t quite grasped this yet and the conversations usually go something like this:

Ellie:  What did you guys do while I was in school?

Me:  Errands

Riley:  Nothing fun!  We did NOT get something fun to drink.  Nope.  No smoothies

Ellie’s no dummy and sees right through it.

Buying treats for one kid is way cheaper than buying treats for 3, which is why I’m easily swayed (and I’m sure why my parents were swayed as well), but she’s in for a rude awakening when summer vacation starts!  However, she’ll be back in business when Ellie and Austin are both in school next fall (and, from my spoiled experience, it gets even better once those older two are in college and you’re the last “baby” around!)!

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