Monday, February 13, 2012


The wait is over!  Ellie finally got to bring home Precious from preschool for the week.  Precious is the preschool pet, of sorts.  Really, he’s the best kind of pet.  He doesn’t need food, doesn’t poop, smell, or make any noise.  He is a stuffed gorilla.

Each week a different preschool student gets to take home Precious for a whole week.  The child is suppose to take Precious everywhere with them and take pictures and then record, in Precious’ diary, what they did on their week together.


Ellie was beyond excited to finally get her week with Precious!  I like to think of him as the magical monkey.  I am pretty sure I could have used him to get her to do amazing things.  Like eat dinner.

The first thing Ellie did was to introduce Precious to Nala, Riley’s monkey.  They were immediate friends!


The girls spent the whole afternoon playing with Precious.  They even all got dressed up as Princesses.  Precious was Sleeping Beauty.


Precious also ate almost every meal with Captain Crazy Hair.  This made me a little nervous when we had waffles in the morning because I was concerned Precious would end up a sticky mess.  He stayed in his booster seat like a good little monkey and we didn’t have any problems.


We also took Precious to the Mall of America to see Llama Llama Red Pajama.  Which, to be honest, I thought was sort of lame, so we ditched the show and bought a ticket for some rides.  Precious’ favorite ride was Diego’s Adventure Bus.  His least favorite ride was Ghost Blasters.  My judgment was off and it scared him very much!


On Thursday, Precious went to Ellie and Riley’s dance recital.  He even got dressed in a tutu for the show!  He was very impressed with their performance.

On Saturday, Precious had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Smith’s.  My guess is that he stayed up too late and ate lots of yummy treats there!

Ellie thoroughly enjoyed her time with Precious and hopes to be reconnected with him again next year when Riley is lucky enough to have her turn for a week.

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