Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s gone!

Austin finally lost a tooth.  Quite literally.  We have no idea where it is.

His two bottom teeth have been just the tiniest bit lose for at least 5 months.  They never seemed to get any more loose.  I started to get concerned when I saw his two permanent teeth coming up behind them…quite a ways behind them.

It really started to bother Austin’s eating because he would constantly get food stuck between the two rows of teeth.  But we are finally half over with the problem!  Yesterday morning he rushed through all his morning rituals so he could play his video game before school.  He was downstairs playing and I was upstairs getting the girls ready and he yelled “Mom! I lost my tooth!” so I went downstairs eager to see his grin and this is what I got:


Doesn’t really look that different.  So I requested a close up.


Still isn’t completely obvious because that other one has already grown in so much.  Oh well….he lost it.  He has no idea where it is.  I said that it was probably lost down the drain when he was brushing his teeth.  This really bummed him out because he really wanted to see it.  Like a good Mama Bear I took apart the drain in search of the tooth.  But, aside from some yucky pipes, I didn’t find anything.  I assured him the tooth fairy would still come.  He could just write a letter explaining his diligent brushing techniques.  He forgot to write his letter….and the tooth fairy forgot to show up.  We’ll try again tonight.

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