Sunday, February 26, 2012

Drama Queen

It’s been a rough week for ol’ Ellie.  I’d love to say that she is taking it all in stride, but she has a flare for the dramatics, so “in stride” isn’t quite how she rolls.

On Tuesday Ellie told me that Riley scratched her face.  I did not catch her in the act, but Riley has some aggression issues so it is entirely possible that this happened.  However, at the time I had broken up nearly a dozen fights already that morning and I waved it off without investigation and told them something along the lines of “don’t talk to each other…don’t even look at each other…just go play in your rooms”.  Only later did I see the evidence of three small gouges on Ellie’s face.  Oops.

On Wednesday, I picked up Ellie from preschool and her teacher told me she thought she maybe had pink eye.  But since Ellie told her all about the scratches near her eyes that maybe it was just an irritated eye, or something to do with Ellie’s cold.  After nap her eye was crusty so I called the Dr. for some drugs and told Ellie not to touch her face and if she did she immediately needed to wash her hands.  Ellie spent the next two days acting like a leprosy victim.  “Don’t sit next to me Austin, you’ll get my germs!”  “Riley, I played with that toy earlier, you shouldn’t touch it.” And when it came time to put the drops in her eye (4 times a day….really?  Can’t the pharmacology experts come up with a better system than this?) it was a 5 minute process just to get her lying down so I could pry open her eyes to administer the drop.  Despite her OCD tendencies with hand washing she got pink eye in the other eye and missed school on Friday.

Friday evening we all settled in to watch a movie.  Because of her diligent hand washing, Ellie had very dry and cracked hands.  I put some special lotion on them and she watched the whole movie sitting like this:


So, we have the pink eye cleared up.  Her hands are healing nicely, but she has developed a cough and she is fairly certain that a spoonful of honey every hour is the key to her health.

A shot of something every hour might be the key to my sanity….but it isn’t honey.

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Kristy said...

Poor thing. It's hard not to chuckle. That totally sounds like the events around our house.