Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Big Reveal!

I’m a little embarrassed to show you before pictures of our mudroom.  Now that the problem has been fixed, it’s odd to think we dealt with the “before” mess for as long as we did.  And, the pictures don’t even touch on how truly messy it was because I didn’t think to take the pictures until I had already cleared out the majority of the coats and some of the shoes.  But, without further delay, here was what our mudroom looked like:


Again…missing almost all the coats.

Below is a fairly representative sample of the shelf.  Let’s see, I can pick out sunscreen, bug spray, winter accessories, a first aid kit, a computer game, a cowboy hat, and a few umbrellas….among other things. 



And the shoes.  They were everywhere.  Who knew little kids (and big kids) required so much footwear!  And that bench was useless.  Typically you couldn’t even see it because there were coats hanging over it.  And it was just a catchall for every thing so there was never any room to actually sit on it.


Rob and I have had grand visions for the mudroom for quite some time.  Last spring he sketched up some plans for what he wanted to build and, during the summer, had even started to work out some basic framework.  As tends to happen when he travels, I got antsy and decided I needed to move things along.  I called my dad and asked him the best way to remove trim.  That’s the above picture.  But, I had such fun removing the trim that I also went ahead and removed that useless bench in the corner too.  Probably my favorite part of the whole process was gutting that little corner right down to the studs.  This picture was taken at the beginning of September.

The plan had always been that I would handle the tiling.  Only, cement board is actually made out of cement….who knew?  And being so, it is quite heavy.  So, I believe Rob and my dad ripped up the current linoleum floor and then Rob and I spent a day (actually, it was our 11th anniversary) laying down the cement board.

The following weekend Rob took the kids to Iowa for the weekend and I stayed behind and tiled the floor:


That’s pre-grout, but apparently is the only picture I took of the tiling process.

From this point on I really had nothing to do.  I helped pick out the paint color, even helped paint, but from here on out I was a cheer leader.  And another set of muscles the numerous times Rob needed things moved around in his shop.  Rob spent a lot of long nights in his shop/garage working on the built-ins but I have to say, seeing the finished product it was all well worth it!


Presenting our new, and highly improved, mudroom:


I can’t really offer many details on how it was all done.  I know that the bench top is Cherry wood and the finish on it is as smooth as silk!  Each kid has a locker to put their belongings in as well as a cubby above their locker to someday house other items (cellphones, schoolwork, who knows…). 


The upper cupboards are pretty empty right now…but there’s no reason they couldn’t hide sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kits, computer games, cowboy hats, and umbrellas…


The bottom shoe area has been more than enough room, so far, for us and our apparent shoe obsession.  The shelves in the shoe area are on slides so you can access the shoes in the back easily.  The drawers have those “easy close” things on them so the kids cannot slam them.

Also, a whole new closet was added.  This closet juts out into our garage (but doesn’t hinder the parking of either Rob’s car or my van in it’s spot).  It’s the only part of the mudroom that isn’t completely finished.  The idea is to build some sort of shelves in there where we can have a charging station for all our cellphones and gadgets.  Also to house my dust buster!


It’s been done now for a few weeks and it’s working awesome!  The kids are doing a great job of taking responsibility for their various articles of clothing and putting them where they belong.  It’s nice to be able to walk in from the garage without tripping over anything.  Plus, with the addition of the new closet to house my vacuum and mop I can actually offer my guests the front closet for their coats.  I haven’t….but I could!

Anyway, to put it mildly, I’m ecstatic with the results and with what Rob can accomplish.  Probably 50% of our neighborhood has the same mudroom and I bet they’d all benefit from a similar system but now that I know what he’s capable of, my list of projects for Rob has grown and he will be unavailable to help for the unforeseeable future!


Sue H said...

W*O*W!!!! that's all I can say...

The Pats said...

It looks great and very professional!!

Jane said...

I am jealous!

Lynne said...

When can I hire you guys to come to our house?