Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Minor Heart Attack


Everyday Austin gets on the bus at 8:30am and gets off the bus at 4:00pm like clockwork.  I have been instructed to only come out to the bus stop on “special occasions”….which are just random days that he deems “special”.  Given the recent temperatures, I have absolutely no issues with this system.

I only have an issue with it when, at 4pm, his bus comes, drops the kids off, goes, and Austin is no where in sight!

I yell frantically to the 5th grader across the street “Kenzie!  Was Austin on the bus??!!!”  and she calmly replies “No”.  I search up and down the street and call to her again “Kenzie!  Did you see him at all?  Did you see him walk to the busses?”  “Nope, never saw him.”  (and it absolutely is not her job to watch for Austin).  But now I at least know he wasn’t on the bus….PLEASE let him just be at school and not on the wrong bus. 

I fumbled through the phone number for school and as calmly as possible explained that my first grader’s bus has come and gone and that my son was not on it.  She nicely went through a list of programs he might have been part of after school.  Probably only took 10 seconds for her to list them all but it was a long 10 seconds and I wouldn’t be paranoid about him not coming home if he was in an after school program…..would I?

Anyway, approximately 3 minutes later I squint and see what could be a red and grey jacket walking home from the bus stop down the street.  The fact that he is walking slower than a turtle assures me it’s Austin (you have never seen a kid less eager to get home after getting off the bus….really makes a mom feel good).  I yell “Austin?!?!” and he just gives me a small wave in response.

I spent the next 10 minutes stewing (yes, one block away… 10 minutes…he’s SLOW!) about how he needs to pay better attention and stop giving me anxiety attacks….and blah blah blah.  He finally reached our front porch sidewalk and promptly fell on the ice.  Tried to stand up, and fell again.  Legs just completely kicked out from underneath him like a cartoon character.  He didn’t even know I was watching him. Straight out of a Stooges movie - this kid could not stand to save his life.  He fell at least 6 times.  I was laughing so hard at him that I couldn’t even give him my lecture.  But, I didn’t offer any help either.


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