Monday, January 30, 2012

It’s here, it’s here!!!

We decided to get Austin a bunk bed back in August of 2011.  It’s all part of our master plan to accommodate guests without needing to put them in our cold, dank basement.  Stage 2 of the plan is to get a trundle bed in Riley’s room.  Maybe in another 5 months that will happen too.

Anyway, Austin’s bunk bed has finally arrived and he was so excited that Rob and I tackled the top part (the fun part) last night before bedtime.  The kids had to stay up an extra hour, but it was worth it!


He is SO excited about his new bed!  I’m not sure if I’m excited or not about climbing up there to read to/with him each night.


The height certainly doesn’t make reading dinosaur names, like Piantnitzkysaurus, any easier.  Can you see the concentration I have to exert at 9pm?  It’s exhausting.  And can you see Austin laughing at my attempts?  It’s embarrassing.



He fell right asleep and I had to drag him out of bed this morning.  When he groggily got down the stairs he said “Man, I just sleep so good in my new bed! I just wish I could stay home from school to sleep some more”.  Nice try.  But, he did eat his breakfast at record speed so he could go play on his new bed a bit more before the bus came.

(then the bus came and I realized he is “star of the week” and needs to bring special items to share with the class, not just toys, but actual special items.  Then we couldn’t think of anything special so I told him I’d drive him to school to buy us more time.  then the bus company called me to see if he was going to school, I said he was, they told me Judy (the bus driver) would swing by again and pick him up, and I said that was awfully sweet of her, but that I was awfully unorganized and would just drive him)

This bed has a desk on one side.  I’m hoping it makes homework a magical time.  I’ll keep you posted.


Carol said...

Nothing more fun for the kids than bunk beds!

Lynne said...

My kids are going to be jealous! Saw in the picture that you were reading the dinosaur encyclopedia. Looking forward to hearing some interesting facts about them when we see you guys next!