Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas #3

Last but not least….Christmas #3 took place the first weekend in January in the Runchey’s beautiful new house!  For the first year we all were able to stay in the house and celebrate without the interruptions of one or more families leaving for the hotel!  Each family has their own bedroom….though someday all the kids will probably just crash in the family room and us responsible adults will allow the Grandparents the privilege of taking care of them while we sleep in.  It’s the least we can do. In the meantime….
It was a fun-filled weekend.  Filled with much of the same as our other Christmases (read: eating).
If I counted right, that is all but 2 of the grandchildren.  Grandma Runchey had no shortage of tasty treats for them at all times!
We also got to celebrate this little lady’s first birthday:
I took this picture early, but she did a number on that cake!
In the evenings we were treated to a couple impromptu performances.  It was a bit of an amateur talent night.  There were songs, informational monologues, and dances.
And, I know I’m biased, but I happen to think I have some of the cutest kids on Earth as nieces and nephews (both sides).
Just sayin’…..
It was a fantastic weekend breaking in their new home and a perfect end to our Christmas season.

(As an unrelated side note, my family recently berated my blogging frequency.  Yes, I know I am behind.  I definitely have things to write about….but Rob has been traveling every week and after 24/5 single parenting week after week, a good book will win out over blogging every time!  Honestly, a good book would win out over blogging even if Rob were in town.)

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G. Patti said...

Dear Tracy--Yes, we have been missing entries on the blog, But I guess we know how busy you are. I guess you'll just have to tear yourself away from your good books at least once every two weeks for the grandparents benefit!!! This would be very much appreciated!!
Anxious to see you all next weekend and to have Rob help Dad build some storage shelves. Would love to have you help me hang some pictures, etc. See you soon--Love, Patti