Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas #2

Around noon on Christmas day we were all ready for another round of Christmas-ing!  Well, most of us were ready.  Austin was actually kind of sick.  He had thrown up the night before, and although adrenaline pulled him through the morning, it was starting to wear off.  Not his healthiest Christmas.  But, he was a trooper, and once his idol (Jake) showed up his spirits perked up a bit.

Christmas at my parents was the usual controlled chaos. The kids run around like maniacs (or normal kids on Christmas day) and we all ignore them!  You just have to speak a little louder to be heard.  Before anyone got too crazy Kerry took our annual picture:20111225 Xmas - Smith 03 orig

Then we ate some, opened stockings, opened presents, ate some more, played cards, ate, played Wii, relaxed, ate, etc. 

I love watching all the cousins play together.  They come up with such great games.  And I always think “Poor Austin and Jake” as the younger girls all dance around like princesses.  They don’t seem to mind though.

It was a great way to spend the rest of Christmas Day!  Good food, great family!

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