Monday, December 19, 2011

A Visit with the Big Guy

We were able to check one more item off the “Christmas To-D0” list this weekend! 
We still hadn’t visited with Santa yet.  We made an attempt last weekend after church but when we got to the line, it looked ridiculously long.  I decided I would just take the kids the following week during the weekday in hopes of it being a shorter wait.  That week I checked online for various prices.  Some of the malls used to let the parents take just one picture with their own camera and then the visit was free.  I couldn’t find a mall this year that was allowing that and the cheapest package I could find was $23…..Bah Humbug!
Then I tossed around the idea of bringing the kids for their “free” visit but not buying a picture but I knew that someday when I go to line up all the pictures on the mantel, like my mom does, that I would kick myself for that year in 2011 when I was too cheap to purchase a picture.
My parents solved my whole dilemma for me!  In their development, some houses are still being built and one of the builders was having an open house that would include free pictures with Santa, reindeer rides, face painting, coloring, and snacks!  Sounded perfect.  Only, I made my dad run down the street ahead of time to make sure that the Santa was legit.  I didn’t want some scraggly construction worker with an uber-fake beard who was there because he drew the short straw.  I know beggars can’t be choosers, but Austin has started to ask questions and I figure the more realistic the less I have to explain.  So, my dad called back and confirmed he was a good Santa and we were on our way!
The kids had a blast.  They were delighted that Santa also brought Mrs. Claus with him!  They talked with him for quite awhile and he had a lot to say to them too….when he was able to get a word in edgewise.
Santa Picture
The kids were eager to get home and color pictures for him, and write some letters!  Hopefully some of the lots are still being developed next year so we can plan another visit!

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Linda Rasmussen said...

Looked like a pretty good Santa. Cute picture!