Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

xmas card 2011

Our 2011 (and first) Christmas letter:

Austin is currently in first grade and loving it. He continues to pursue his dream of becoming the world’s greatest toy collector. His collection of Clone Troopers is unparalleled. He also continues to love anything to do with nature. If you ever get a chance be sure to ask him why you shouldn’t underestimate the American badger despite its unusual waddle.

Ellie started pre-school this year and is enjoying it. Of the three kids she is the most sure of herself and it definitely comes out during school. She has no problem answering questions, singing the loudest or trying to make new friends. She is also our resident comedian, at least in her own mind. She seems to think if you add the word “banana” to anything it makes it hilarious.

Then there is little Riley who is the most stubborn of the group. She has no problem staring me down. In her eyes I can see what she is thinking, “I am so cute you aren’t going to do anything”. She is also attending imaginary baby school in her head. The kids there aren’t always the nicest, the other day one of them called her puke.

Tracy continues to work for Cargill part time and also picked up teaching swimming lessons at the YMCA. She also somehow keeps our three kids moving in the right direction despite their attempts to stray.

I am in my second year with the Mosaic internal audit group and really enjoy it. In my spare time I try to figure out how my wife stays sane.

Merry Christmas Bananas!

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