Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet


I sit here tonight, having a pizza party with the kids (Global Dominos Pizza Day – 50% off any pizza and Rob’s gone), watching “Gnomeo and Juliet” for the 50th time (probably not much of an exaggeration) and I have to say, this movie is pretty good.  It’s the type of movie that is funny for kids, but that also has a lot of jokes that only adults would get.  I guess the whole movie in itself is a parody of something that only adults would understand.  I  know I haven’t touched on Shakespearean classics with the kids yet, maybe I’m lagging behind. 

But, my favorite part of watching this movie is watching my kids watch it.  It revolves around two groups of garden gnomes.  The Red Hats vs. the Blue Hats.  There’s an ongoing battle over who keeps a better garden and that sort of thing.  Anyway, so at one point, one of the blue guys says “Let’s go kick some grass!” and Austin dies laughing every time.  This made me a little nervous until he said “Ha ha….that’s funny because usually people say ‘Let’s kick some butt!’.” 

In another scene, one of the gnomes wants to order a new lawn mower online.  They show the back of the computer and instead of an “apple” where it would be, there is a banana.  Ellie giggled at the sight of the banana (for some reason Ellie thinks bananas are hilarious?!), and then Austin said “No Ellie!  That’s funny because usually computers are sponsored by Applebee’s.  That one must be sponsored by Bananabee’s!”

So, I guess a lot of the jokes are lost on my kids, but that’s okay with me.  Makes it all the more entertaining for me when I sit down to watch it the 51st time.

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