Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ellie’s Preschool Christmas Concert

Ellie has had a very busy week in preschool this week.  On Monday they celebrated her half birthday, since she won’t be in school for her real birthday.  I was also able volunteer in her classroom this day.  What a treat!  As the birthday girl she was in charge of bringing a special treat (brownie bites!), she got to line up first when they left the classroom, she got to pick the prayer before snack time, and she also got to choose which type of friends they would say good-bye to at the end of the day (it’s a little song they sing…she picked “baby Jesus friends”).  She had a LOT of fun being the birthday girl in school.  And she is quick to remind everyone that she is now 4…and a HALF!


Today was her Preschool Christmas concert.  Riley has a habit of playing with the lens on my camera when I’m not watching so the pictures are getting worse and worse (fingerprints!), and lately, taking pictures indoors always turn out really dark (even though the flash is on).  The two things combined leave me with dark, mediocre pictures.

But, she filed in and saw me, Riley, and Grandma and Grandpa Smith right away and gave us lots of waves and her signature Ellie pose.


They sang about 10 songs but I’m sure every kids’ favorite was “Ring the Bell” (or click the sticks).


What kid doesn’t love pounding some sticks together loudly?  Ellie “whispered” to me in between songs “Mom!  Did you bring chocolate chip cookies?”.  Don’t worry.  I did.  One little boy in her class, George, asked “Is this the last song yet?” about 3 times towards the end of the show.  She has a young class of 4 year olds (meaning most are summer birthdays) and their attentions were waning towards the end!

She did a great job singing her heart out!  Here’s a couple video snippets:

Jingle Bells
A Christmas Secret

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