Monday, December 12, 2011

Better Late Than Never–Gobble Gobble!

It just dawned on me that with the chaos of the holidays, the Haefner’s moving, and me getting sick, I never touched on what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had!  I don’t have any pictures to reference but it was a great weekend!

Bob, Patti, and Jon joined us on Thursday morning and based on our kids’ excitement, they couldn’t have gotten here soon enough!  We had things underway as they arrived with intentions of eating at 1pm.  And by “we”, I really mean “Rob”.  He’s the head chef around here….I’m just a mere sous chef.  Rob had planned our menu and had a timetable drawn up as to what would be started when. 

Our meal was a fried turkey, crockpot stuffing (the best!), mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberries, bread, and pie.  I handled the sweet potatoes, corn, bread, and pie.  And the pie was purchased from Baker’s Square!  Rob had everything else taken care of.  And, he wasn’t too far off his goal of 1pm either!  It was absolutely delicious!

Patti and I did go to Michaels around 5pm on Thursday for a really quick shopping trip, and the guys headed out on Friday for a quick trip to Bill’s Toggery (for dress shirts for Bob’s birthday and Father’s Day), but other than that, we didn’t partake in any Black Friday craziness.  It was a really relaxing time.  Well, for me.  Patti was in high demand and perhaps it wasn’t quite as relaxing for her!

It was a quick trip and the crew left on Friday afternoon but we were very thankful they were able to join us for our feast!

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Grandma Patti said...

Tracy and Rob--Yes, our Thanksgiving with your family was an awesome treat. The food was excellent and you know how I love playing with the kids. Guess sometimes I feel bad for Austin--cause he's the only guy, but it's amazing how he adjusts with just a little coaxing. Thanks so much!! Can't wait to get into our new home and get ready for our Christmas. Take Care Till Then,
Love, Patti