Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Time Has Come




This is a sight we could do without.

This morning Austin stepped out of the house (before the big truck was here) and saw all the cars of the movers and said “Who are all these people?”  I said “These are the guys that are going to move Mia”.  He stopped dead in his tracks.  Then he looked at me with teary eyes and said “Is it already December?”  (Mia’s last day of school is officially December 2nd).  I explained it wasn’t, but that she would be staying in a hotel the rest of the week. 

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do without Mia around here.  She was at our house for 8 hours straight on Saturday.  Which means all our kids were happily entertained for 8 hours straight!  We ended it with a PJ Pizza Party.


The hardest part is seeing how sad Austin is and knowing that there is nothing I can do to make him feel better.

It’s going to be a sad couple of days around here followed by a big adjustment period. 

We had their going away party on Sunday night.


We’re lucky in that we have more than one set of great neighbors, but it still won’t be the same without the Haefner’s!  We wish them the best of luck in Texas!



Kerry said...

Oh - that makes me so sad for Austin (and the girls...but it's his girlfriend!) Best of luck to the Haefner's - hope it's a smooth and wonderful transition for them!

Sheri said...

Oh Tracy, I haven't even met Austin, but through your blog I feel like I have gotten to peek in to his feelings for his friend. It makes me so sad for his little (big) heart. Thank goodness for the internet (and skype). Hopefully they will always be friends.