Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Date with Riley

Last week Riley and I had our first date.  She was beyond excited!  She has watched her brother and sister both go off on “dates” with me (and dad) but had yet to have her own turn.  The only thing on her agenda was the Mall of America for rides.  So, back I went again to MOA for more Nickelodeon Universe!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen her smile so much.  It was non-stop!  The whole way to the mall she chatted about the merry-go-round she was going to ride on and that is the first thing we did.


She knew exactly which horse she wanted and giggled the whole time.  Next up we went on Blue Clue’s adventure (or something like that). 


She still doesn’t quite understand this ride.  There is a button she can push to raise Blue up in the air but Riley didn’t quite understand that and since she was big enough to ride this one alone, I couldn’t help her.  She didn’t seem to mind though.

At this point I forced her to break for dinner.  I also realized that we were out of “points” for the rides.  I knew it was Toddler Tuesday, which means a huge discount on points passes but I thought the deal ended at 3pm….not true!  We were still able to get the 25 point pass for $12 so we were in business for the rest of the night.

I FINALLY got one of the kids to go on the ferris wheel with me.  She absolutely loved it too!


She screamed “I can see the whole world from up here!”. 

After a couple more rides we went to the Disney store to pick out a new toy (2 little stuffed animals) and then I said she could get a treat (thinking candy) and she right away said she wanted an Icee.


I absolutely love these date nights with the kids.  Riley sometimes has trouble getting a word in edge-wise with her brother and sister chatting so much and she was talking non-stop this whole night.  What a treat!

I’ve been to the mall with each kid to ride rides now so I’m hoping to steer these dates towards something else but I need some ideas!

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