Friday, November 4, 2011

Heard around the House…


Ellie has been getting a double dose of church this year.  She attends Sunday School but then her preschool is also affiliated with a church so they incorporate a bit of religion into their lessons too.  They pray at the start and end of each class as well as before snack time.  Cute little prayers that rhyme.  It’s not uncommon for her to sing a little ditty before we eat lunch:

“A..B..C..D..E..F..G.. Thank you God for feeding me”

That’s just one of them.  There are several.  She’s always been our little theologian. 

But yesterday the girls were playing, looking through the latest Christmas toy catalog and picking out things they wanted for their birthdays (never mind Christmas) and Riley came up to me and said “Mom, when I have my next birthday, can I have Jesus come?”  To which Ellie replied “Of course Riley!  Jesus is always in our hearts!  I don’t think he’ll bring a present though.”


A couple days later I explained to the kids that I was about to get on the phone.  I was trying a new approach of prepping them before hand to not bug me since it’s inevitable that as soon as I pick up the phone everyone has a dire need of something.  Each of them agreed to leave me alone.  When I picked up the phone, all three kids were playing quietly.  Three minutes into my conversation (with Chanhassen Dinner Theater) Ellie was doing somersaults in our family room, Riley came tearing around the corner butt naked and Austin marched through the house with Mia in tow.  It was mass chaos.  I asked Riley to put some pants on (which got a chuckle out of the lady on the other line) and got everyone else back outside.  Riley went running outside with just underwear on and I yelled at her to stop.  “Riley Beatrice!  You have to put your clothes on!” and she stopped and looked at me, furrowed her brow and in her best mean voice said “Mommy Beatrice!  I don’t want to!”

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