Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Festivities


We started off a little early this year by attending a Halloween party at a friends house on Saturday.  They have a party every year and we never go.  Truth be told, Rob and I are both not really Halloween people.  Or at least, not costume people.  Something got into us this year and we finally decided to suck it up and participate.  Well, I did.  Rob threw on a shirt that said “Canada” and claimed he was a Canadian.  Clever.  I dug out my old Flag uniform from high school and went as a JHS Flag circa 1996. 

Our kids were:


  • A baby dinosaur (wearing an 18 month size costume)
  • A unicorn (again)
  • A Jedi (again..but he claims he is not the same Jedi)

The party was great.  The basement was full of activities for the kids and they even hired a magician.  The Amazing Fritz I believe.  He made balloon animals.


I’m not sure what Ellie got.  Riley got a horse.


They all kind of looked the same, but not to the kids, they could tell the difference.

By the time actual Halloween rolled around we were kind of behind on things.  We didn’t have pumpkins, let alone carved pumpkins.  So, while the kids were at school on Monday morning Riley and I gutted the pumpkins to get them ready for carving. 


She LOVED this!  Our first kid who actually wanted to get into that pumpkin and feel all the sliminess it had to offer.  She almost started crying when I told her it was time to throw the guts away.  She was using them to “bake” something.

When Austin got off the bus he immediately wanted to go outside to play with Mia.  I told him we needed to carve pumpkins.  I set them all out, gave them each a marker and told them to draw what they wanted.  Riley wanted a mean face, Ellie wanted a happy face, and Austin wanted a Jedi or Captain Rex.  I told him neither was going to happen tonight and he settled for “a face that had fangs and a circle mouth”.  Then they all ran outside and left me to carve all the pumpkins.  Maybe next year we’ll just get one pumpkin….just so Riley has something to gut.



Waiting for Trick or Treating time was torture for the kids but we finally set out.  I took them up and down one street with Mia’s mom, and then we came back and handed all 4 off to Rob to tackle the rest of the neighborhood.  We have a ton of kids in our neighborhood so the doorbell was fairly constant from 6-8pm.

And I’ve trained my kids well, they all came home and gave me their Snickers.

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