Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Dance Recital 2011


The girls have had SO much fun being in dance class together this fall!  On Tuesdays, dance starts at 3:30.  At approximately 9am Riley begs me to put her dance outfit on.  She has to wait until after lunchtime before she’s allowed to wear it (or she’d be wearing her lunch to class).  But the second she finishes her lunch she runs upstairs to grab it!

This fall’s focus was ballet.  Ellie claims it is her favorite, though I’m not sure she really remembers the other styles.  She strikes me as more of a tap or jazz girl. 


After their dancing it was time for tumbling.  They went back to learning somersaults this fall because there were so many new students in the class. 

A lot of the girls were very hesitant on the somersaults but Riley flew through them.  And they were suppose to tip-toe across the beam slowly in the background.  The teacher had to keep telling Riley to slow down.  Maybe gymnastics or track is going to be more her style!

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