Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Time Has Come




This is a sight we could do without.

This morning Austin stepped out of the house (before the big truck was here) and saw all the cars of the movers and said “Who are all these people?”  I said “These are the guys that are going to move Mia”.  He stopped dead in his tracks.  Then he looked at me with teary eyes and said “Is it already December?”  (Mia’s last day of school is officially December 2nd).  I explained it wasn’t, but that she would be staying in a hotel the rest of the week. 

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do without Mia around here.  She was at our house for 8 hours straight on Saturday.  Which means all our kids were happily entertained for 8 hours straight!  We ended it with a PJ Pizza Party.


The hardest part is seeing how sad Austin is and knowing that there is nothing I can do to make him feel better.

It’s going to be a sad couple of days around here followed by a big adjustment period. 

We had their going away party on Sunday night.


We’re lucky in that we have more than one set of great neighbors, but it still won’t be the same without the Haefner’s!  We wish them the best of luck in Texas!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Date with Riley

Last week Riley and I had our first date.  She was beyond excited!  She has watched her brother and sister both go off on “dates” with me (and dad) but had yet to have her own turn.  The only thing on her agenda was the Mall of America for rides.  So, back I went again to MOA for more Nickelodeon Universe!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen her smile so much.  It was non-stop!  The whole way to the mall she chatted about the merry-go-round she was going to ride on and that is the first thing we did.


She knew exactly which horse she wanted and giggled the whole time.  Next up we went on Blue Clue’s adventure (or something like that). 


She still doesn’t quite understand this ride.  There is a button she can push to raise Blue up in the air but Riley didn’t quite understand that and since she was big enough to ride this one alone, I couldn’t help her.  She didn’t seem to mind though.

At this point I forced her to break for dinner.  I also realized that we were out of “points” for the rides.  I knew it was Toddler Tuesday, which means a huge discount on points passes but I thought the deal ended at 3pm….not true!  We were still able to get the 25 point pass for $12 so we were in business for the rest of the night.

I FINALLY got one of the kids to go on the ferris wheel with me.  She absolutely loved it too!


She screamed “I can see the whole world from up here!”. 

After a couple more rides we went to the Disney store to pick out a new toy (2 little stuffed animals) and then I said she could get a treat (thinking candy) and she right away said she wanted an Icee.


I absolutely love these date nights with the kids.  Riley sometimes has trouble getting a word in edge-wise with her brother and sister chatting so much and she was talking non-stop this whole night.  What a treat!

I’ve been to the mall with each kid to ride rides now so I’m hoping to steer these dates towards something else but I need some ideas!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Dance Recital 2011


The girls have had SO much fun being in dance class together this fall!  On Tuesdays, dance starts at 3:30.  At approximately 9am Riley begs me to put her dance outfit on.  She has to wait until after lunchtime before she’s allowed to wear it (or she’d be wearing her lunch to class).  But the second she finishes her lunch she runs upstairs to grab it!

This fall’s focus was ballet.  Ellie claims it is her favorite, though I’m not sure she really remembers the other styles.  She strikes me as more of a tap or jazz girl. 


After their dancing it was time for tumbling.  They went back to learning somersaults this fall because there were so many new students in the class. 

A lot of the girls were very hesitant on the somersaults but Riley flew through them.  And they were suppose to tip-toe across the beam slowly in the background.  The teacher had to keep telling Riley to slow down.  Maybe gymnastics or track is going to be more her style!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Like Father like Daughter

Rob has been logging some extra hours in his shop trying to catch up on his mudroom built-ins.  He’s been traveling a lot and I think he feels behind on his projects.  Luckily, today Riley has been in there with him offering her assistance!


She has been “fixing” this bench for Rob while he’s working on the bench top.


Her tools are way cuter than Robs.  He’ll be caught up in know time with her on his team!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heard around the House…


Ellie has been getting a double dose of church this year.  She attends Sunday School but then her preschool is also affiliated with a church so they incorporate a bit of religion into their lessons too.  They pray at the start and end of each class as well as before snack time.  Cute little prayers that rhyme.  It’s not uncommon for her to sing a little ditty before we eat lunch:

“A..B..C..D..E..F..G.. Thank you God for feeding me”

That’s just one of them.  There are several.  She’s always been our little theologian. 

But yesterday the girls were playing, looking through the latest Christmas toy catalog and picking out things they wanted for their birthdays (never mind Christmas) and Riley came up to me and said “Mom, when I have my next birthday, can I have Jesus come?”  To which Ellie replied “Of course Riley!  Jesus is always in our hearts!  I don’t think he’ll bring a present though.”


A couple days later I explained to the kids that I was about to get on the phone.  I was trying a new approach of prepping them before hand to not bug me since it’s inevitable that as soon as I pick up the phone everyone has a dire need of something.  Each of them agreed to leave me alone.  When I picked up the phone, all three kids were playing quietly.  Three minutes into my conversation (with Chanhassen Dinner Theater) Ellie was doing somersaults in our family room, Riley came tearing around the corner butt naked and Austin marched through the house with Mia in tow.  It was mass chaos.  I asked Riley to put some pants on (which got a chuckle out of the lady on the other line) and got everyone else back outside.  Riley went running outside with just underwear on and I yelled at her to stop.  “Riley Beatrice!  You have to put your clothes on!” and she stopped and looked at me, furrowed her brow and in her best mean voice said “Mommy Beatrice!  I don’t want to!”

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Festivities


We started off a little early this year by attending a Halloween party at a friends house on Saturday.  They have a party every year and we never go.  Truth be told, Rob and I are both not really Halloween people.  Or at least, not costume people.  Something got into us this year and we finally decided to suck it up and participate.  Well, I did.  Rob threw on a shirt that said “Canada” and claimed he was a Canadian.  Clever.  I dug out my old Flag uniform from high school and went as a JHS Flag circa 1996. 

Our kids were:


  • A baby dinosaur (wearing an 18 month size costume)
  • A unicorn (again)
  • A Jedi (again..but he claims he is not the same Jedi)

The party was great.  The basement was full of activities for the kids and they even hired a magician.  The Amazing Fritz I believe.  He made balloon animals.


I’m not sure what Ellie got.  Riley got a horse.


They all kind of looked the same, but not to the kids, they could tell the difference.

By the time actual Halloween rolled around we were kind of behind on things.  We didn’t have pumpkins, let alone carved pumpkins.  So, while the kids were at school on Monday morning Riley and I gutted the pumpkins to get them ready for carving. 


She LOVED this!  Our first kid who actually wanted to get into that pumpkin and feel all the sliminess it had to offer.  She almost started crying when I told her it was time to throw the guts away.  She was using them to “bake” something.

When Austin got off the bus he immediately wanted to go outside to play with Mia.  I told him we needed to carve pumpkins.  I set them all out, gave them each a marker and told them to draw what they wanted.  Riley wanted a mean face, Ellie wanted a happy face, and Austin wanted a Jedi or Captain Rex.  I told him neither was going to happen tonight and he settled for “a face that had fangs and a circle mouth”.  Then they all ran outside and left me to carve all the pumpkins.  Maybe next year we’ll just get one pumpkin….just so Riley has something to gut.



Waiting for Trick or Treating time was torture for the kids but we finally set out.  I took them up and down one street with Mia’s mom, and then we came back and handed all 4 off to Rob to tackle the rest of the neighborhood.  We have a ton of kids in our neighborhood so the doorbell was fairly constant from 6-8pm.

And I’ve trained my kids well, they all came home and gave me their Snickers.