Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Window Marker = Thumbs Up!

It’s MEA week here so no one has school Wednesday-Friday.  I spent Monday and Tuesday stock piling little activities for the kids and I to do while they are back home with me all day. 

This morning I taught swimming lessons so they spent their morning at Kids Stuff (Riley was thrilled to have her siblings back in there with her!), but after lunch I busted out our new pack of Crayola Window Markers.  I snatched them up at Menard’s of all places.


We got right down to business.  The pack comes with 20 or so markers, stencils, and window clings to color and use.  FYI, there are two different types of markers in our set and I’m not sure what the point of each is, but the markers with the grey label work far better than the markers with white labels.

Sticking my kids this close together and then giving them markers was a little bit of a crap shoot but I was pleasantly surprised.  I only had to remind Riley of the rules (“only on the glass!”) a couple times.

No surprise that Ellie enjoyed this activity the most.  She made full use of the stencils.  Check out her concentration!


Austin enjoyed the stencil with animal tracks and added embellishments to his tracks like “claws”.  I’m already thinking about how this might make writing words a bit more fun for him.  Spelling tests on the window?….why not!

After an hour I had everyone stop for two reasons:  1) It was the “quit while we’re ahead” mentality as far as fighting goes and 2) my girls have skipped naps for almost a week straight and I’ll be damned if that is going to happen today!  Rob’s been traveling and I want an hour to myself!


I can’t comment on their washability yet, but so far I give Crayola Window Markers a thumbs up!

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