Monday, October 10, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend Rob took the kids to West Bend for the weekend.  I stayed home….by myself!  Honestly, if I hadn’t had a hair appointment (that the stylist made specially just for me because I forgot to make an appointment earlier) I would have gone with.  We had no food in our house and I knew that Patti would have an array of yummy things to eat.  That’s how lazy I am.  I’d give up a weekend to myself so I wouldn’t have to cook.

Anyway, so by 4pm on Friday I was on my own!  I headed to the restaurant my friend, Michelle, works at on Friday and hung out at the bar (she bartends) to chit chat while she worked.  Friday night I headed over to the neighbors for some wine and more chit chat.  Saturday I felt like I could have slept all day but my hair appointment was at 8am (that’s what you get when you need to be squeezed in).  After lunch I met my sister at a nearby winery for a tasting.  Afterwards we each bought a glass of wine and a cheese/cracker plate.  It was a beautiful day to be hanging out at the winery!  Saturday night I headed out to dinner and shopping with Michelle.  Sunday I finally decided it was time to be productive.  I cleaned all our floors, washed all the sheets, folded a mountain of other laundry, scrubbed the baseboards and cupboards, and ironed some pants.  Then I sat down and watched the Vikings finally win a game!  My weekend was pretty great!

I’m not sure how the weekend went in Iowa but I was just browsing pictures on the camera and it appears that a lot of fun was had.


Not really sure what’s going on in the above picture, but I suspect it led to the next one:


And no trip to West Bend is complete without a visit to the “angel caves”. 


Riley and Ellie made nice with Jesus here.

There are no pictures of Austin from the weekend.  But he did bring home some “treasures” from Grandma and Grandpa’s house so I’m sure he had a good time too!

Lucky me got some leftovers from the weekend!  Win-win! (Thanks Rob!)

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