Friday, October 14, 2011

Ellie’s First Fieldtrip!

Today I went with Ellie on her first fieldtrip.  She was very excited (and scared) to ride the “Blue Goose” which is her school’s bright blue school bus.  She was nervous the bus driver was going to be mean.  But, the bus driver is actually one of the preschool teachers so she had nothing to fear.

There is no restrictions on the number of parents allowed on field trips so each parent only had two kids to keep an eye on.  Ellie was paired up with Kloee, who is one of the girls she hangs out with on a regular basis during school.  She was very excited.

Her fieldtrip was to the Richardson’s Nature Center;  a place we know well.  First, Ellie’s group crushed up apples for some cider.  Each kid had a turn to put in an apple and watch it get crushed up.


Then we went on a nature hike.  Our guide was great with the kids and kept them very involved.  She explained a few different plants to us, and then had everyone go on hunts for various things (something yellow, red, smooth, fuzzy, sticky, etc.).  Ellie didn’t like this part much.  She didn’t want to touch anything that even looked remotely “gross”.  She’s very girly like that.


After the hike it was back to the center to press the crushed apples into cider and give it a taste test.  Thumbs up from the crowd.


On the ride home Ellie and Kloee sang silly songs the whole time.


It was fun to catch a glimpse of Ellie in her preschool setting.  She definitely doesn’t hold back on personality in a group setting.  More than one parent came up to me to tell me how funny she was and relay a story from a time they volunteered in her classroom.  Hopefully her teachers agree!

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