Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Double Trouble

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…..the return of dance class.  Only this year, Riley joins Ellie in her quest to get her groove on.  Except, this session is ballet, so maybe “groove” isn’t the right word.

I made the mistake of telling the girls at 8am that they had dance class today.  Which means I spent the next seven and a half hours fielding the question “Is it time for dance yet?”.  Riley was SO excited to be part of the class and Ellie was SO excited to show her the ropes.

We took some pictures before we left for class - mostly because the girls insisted on putting on dance outfits long before we needed to put them on and I needed to kill some time.


I asked Riley to show me her moves and she did this:


I asked Ellie to show me her moves and she did this:


Then she told me that it was an “arabesque”.  I can neither confirm nor deny that.  I don’t speak ballet.

I took one more picture before they went into the class. 


Something tells me that if I had asked for another I would have been denied.  When they got to the class Ellie was one of the more “senior” members.  She proudly stood up and said “Everyone!  This is my little sister Riley.  She’s new here”.

And for the next 45 minutes I heard Ellie’s infectious laugh through the walls and can only imagine what she was doing in there.  At the end of the class they came marching out of the classroom with huge smiles on their faces.  I’m eagerly waiting for the recital in about a month!

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Carol said...

They're adorable!