Monday, October 24, 2011

Desk Discoveries

I’m not sure what’s come over me, but I’ve spent the day organizing.  I mean, I like organization and all, but it’s not typically how I would choose to spend a weekend day.  May I’m subconsciously avoiding the Packers/Vikings game.

My main focus has been our desk in our loft area.  It becomes the upstairs dumping ground for everything.  Toys, clothes, papers, manuals, and various artifacts.  Since my Cargill work has ramped up a bit, I find I need a place to actually put all my papers and just adding them to the piles on the desk has proved less than efficient, so I cleaned it out. 

First I emptied all the drawers and went through everything…throwing more than half of it away.  Some of my favorite findings are these:


It is a pair of Disney Park Hopper passes from 2004.  I believe each pass has 2 days left on it.  When we purchased them we were told they NEVER expire.  I guess it’s a sign we should be heading to Disney World!

I also found that our life is very electronic:


I’m fairly certain we use most of these cords.  But, I’m also fairly certain there is a better place for them in our house besides this desk.

While I was setting up our new filing system, I came across these:


A glimpse into my nerdy childhood.  I was, and always have been, enamored with office supplies.  When I was in 3rd grade I purchased my very own filing cabinet.  A powder blue one.  Apparently I craved organization then too.  Only, instead of the boring tab titles our filing system currently has, apparently I needed to organize my “Tricks” and “Stories” among other things.  Under “Money” I no doubt filed away the records of my siblings borrowing my money.  I made them sign I.O.U’s and charged interest after a 5 day grace period.  No joke.

Maybe I’ll find an old I.O.U with tons of interest owed.  It can help pay for the rest of the trip to Disney.

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