Friday, September 23, 2011

Riley’s time

I might very well create a monster as Riley and I enjoy our one on one time together. 

This past Wednesday while Ellie was in preschool, and I was teaching swimming lessons, Riley went to Kids Stuff where she sat on the floor by the entrance for 2 hours straight and waited for Ellie.  The teachers in the room all tried to encourage her multiple times to come and play with the other kids but Riley said “No, I just want to wait for Ellie.” and that’s what she did.  Two.  Hours.

When I picked her up today she was happily playing.  I was so ecstatic that when we ran our errands I did something I know I’ll regret and I finally gave in to a horse ride at this gross little “arcade” room at Walmart.  This particular little hole in the wall is a place I have consistently avoided with all of my kids any time we shop there.  It’s kind of dirty looking, but I mostly avoided it because I don’t want every trip to Walmart to end in my kids begging for rides.


But, it was 50 cents well spent.

Let the spoiling begin.

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