Saturday, September 24, 2011

Monthly Date Nights!

Rob and I decided that we’d start a new tradition of sorts with our kids.  We thought each of the kids would really love some one on one time with us.  We set up a schedule where, once a month, one of us parents takes one of the kids on a date.  The lucky kid gets to pick what it is we do.

Last Wednesday Ellie and I had our first date!  Her agenda was as follows:

Lions Tap, rides at MOA, Lego treats.

She made a last minute change to eat at McDonalds at the mall, instead of Lions Tap.  That worked out for the best since the two aren’t exactly close.  Ellie was so excited for our date that I couldn’t stop smiling myself.  Ellie tends to be the kid who hates walking places.  She is the slowest walker in the family, hands down.  Now I know all this time she just wasn’t looking forward to the destination enough because when we got to the mall she took off dragging me behind her!

Despite it being 6:30, and me being starving, Ellie informed me “This is my date mom!  I get to pick!  Let’s do the rides first!” so that is what we did.  She has no fear of any of the rides.


This was her first.  It’s the toddler version of Tower of Terror.  It brings them up and then drops them randomly (and gently).  She was all smiles!  We rode rides until 7:45 when I finally convinced her we should eat.  At about 7:55 she told me her eye hurt.  This is what happens to Ellie when she is beyond tired.  I had a hard time convincing her we should go home and thought I’d sweeten the deal with a stop at the Disney store.  She finally relented and we got there via the Lego Store.


I let her pick out one toy at the Disney Store before we left.  I steered her to the stuffed animals that were buy one get one free!  We picked up her Lego Treats, and she fell asleep about 3 minutes into our car ride home.

I really enjoyed our little date and I’m looking forward to this new tradition.

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