Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A less than ideal start

Today is the first day of school for Austin.  Specifically, his first day of first grade where he will spend the whole day in school!

Austin has had a mixture of emotions this summer regarding first grade.  He was not excited whatsoever about it (maybe a tiny bit about getting a new backpack).  Then he had his open house night last week and left the school bouncing off the walls he was so excited!  Hurray!  I thought we were set.

This past week he has been a little extra clingy and back to not being excited.  Last night he just broke down crying at the dinner table about being away from home for so long and how he was going to miss his mom (yes, I will admit, I was a tiny bit glad to hear that…even though he was sad)!

To top it all off, he got another fever yesterday.  So, he will spend the first three days of school feeling less than perfect.  I will spend the first three days of school praying each day someone remembers to give him ibuprofren after lunch.

As we put the finishing touches on his morning and were getting ready to head outside for some pictures I saw a bus drive away.  I yelled to our neighbor, who confirmed, that was Austin’s bus.  Great. 

First day of school, my son already has anxiety (and a fever), and now we’ve missed the bus.  It was 12 minutes early.  Lucky for me Austin has always wanted to be a kid that gets dropped off so he was able to roll with the punches pretty well.

We had plenty of time to snap some pictures in the front yard.


My first grader!

The girls were very anxious to get in a picture with him too:


Then, mom and dad:


LOVE this picture of them!


And then it was off to school. 

Half the neighborhood got rides to school since the bus was so early, so Austin met a lot of his friends right when we got there.  We took some more pictures with Mia.  Austin declared he was going to be “fancy” in these photos.  I have no idea where he got the idea he was looking “fancy”.  He looks to me like he’s flashing gang signs in one of the pictures.


And then Mia put his arm around him and they shuffled off to their classrooms.


The girls and I have had a pretty fun day.  Though, if you mention any of this to Austin I will deny it all.  We went to a new park, had a picnic lunch, and hit up Chuck E Cheese for a few games with some friends.

I’m hoping when his bus pulls up at 4:06 (or maybe 3:54?) he has a smile plastered on his face and only good things to tell me.  At least we can have a good ending to the day!

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