Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Day of Pre-K

Ellie had her first days of preschool this week!  It is an event that she has been eagerly anticipating and equally dreading for the last two weeks!  The first day was called “Hello Day” on Wednesday and both Rob and I went with her on that day. 

On Hello Day we spent an hour wandering around the classroom figuring out the routines, testing out the new toys, and checking out the other kids.  We discovered Ellie has two other Ellie’s in her class.  To boot, one of them is also Ellie R.  So, the teacher said they would have an Ellie Re, and an Ellie Ru.  My Ellie does not like this.  She is Ellie…plain and simple.  The other two are actually Elliana and Elenaor (I have no idea how to spell that name)…so I figured they would just use full names for the other two girls;  I figured wrong. 

Her 2nd “first day” was on Friday.  I think the hardest part of her day was waiting to go.  Austin gets on the bus around 8:30 and we don’t need to leave for Ellie’s school until about 8:55, so she has an agonizing 20 minutes that needs to wait patiently.  I think she spent the whole 20 minutes with her backpack on.



She LOVES her backpack!


So excited!


Maybe if I stop taking pictures under the tree I’ll get less shadows and closed eyes! Love this pic anyway!

The pictures are actually from “Hello Day” – In case you can’t tell I’m conflicted on which day was her actual first day.

When Riley and I dropped her off on Friday Ellie went through the routine she learned on Wednesday and then immediately went off to play with some of the toys.  By the time I signed her in she had no use for me or Riley.  She barely acknowledged our leaving and that is just how I like it!  Strong and confident. 

Now, I have spent the last two weeks of summer really pumping up the older two for the beginning of school.  What I neglected to realize was the change that Riley was going to have.  After I dropped Ellie off at preschool, I walked over to the YMCA next door and put Riley in Kids Stuff (their on-site childcare while you work out).  Riley was beside herself.  She has only ever been in that place with her brother and sister.  What on Earth was she going to do by herself?  She was bawling.  One of the teachers in there had to hold her for the first 15 minutes.   Gulp.  I felt awful.  I know that she will get used to it, but she’s fairly stubborn and I see her putting up a fight for at least a month!  In the meantime, my guilty conscience bought her an Icee afterwards!

Back to Ellie – she had a blast!  She said she met one new friend already, she played outside, she had a snack of cookies, and she learned a song she already knew! (And then she promptly sang it for me 3 times).  When Austin got home from school she sang it for him twice more and on the third time he said “Ellie!  I heard you.  You’re driving me crazy!” but then he politely said “Ellie!  Tell me about your day!  I was wondering today, during Media, if you had a good day!”  Absence makes the heart grow fonder I guess.  Just not for Riley.  Absence makes her hold a grudge.

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