Monday, September 5, 2011

Backyard Camping

This past Saturday, at about 5pm, we decided that we would camp out in our backyard.  It’s a notion we had been tossing around for a week or so, but never settled on a day until just that moment.

Both Rob and I have always enjoyed camping (though Rob is a bit more particular about what the weather needs to be), so we have quite a bit of gear on hand.  For this particular experience, we just settled on our larger tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats.  Oh, and TV.

It’s the beauty of camping in your own backyard.


Whenever my dad took us kids camping in our backyard, he always put the TV out there for us.  And the mattress from the pull out couch too.  Granted, the TV he brought out was probably less than 13 inches, and it was black and white.

Anyway, so after convincing the kids that they didn’t need to relocate every toy from their room into the tent, we all got our jammies on, piled into the tent with popcorn, pop, candy, and a movie.  After the movie, I was surprised at how fast everyone went to sleep.  Each child awoke at least once.  Well, maybe they weren’t fully awake, but they were making a lot of noise and I sat up each time to rub their back while they fell back asleep.  Around 1am, Riley somehow wedged her way in between Rob and I, eventually taking over both of our sleeping pads and leaving us on the bare floor.  No surprise there.

At about 7am, Austin woke up and crawled into my sleeping bag with me.


By 7:15am everyone (mostly Captain  Crazy Hair a.k.a. Ellie) was awake and declaring this the “best night ever!”


And because we have a very strict “monkey see monkey do” policy around here….Riley also made her declaration.



Overall, it was a success and something we’ll do again.  However, both Rob and I thought we might kick up the luxuries a notch and use our air mattress next time.  Riley will undoubtedly accept the challenge of commanding that queen size mattress from us as well.

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