Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to School Updates

We’re into our second week of school here and things are going well.  Austin has adjusted just fine and seems excited when he gets on the bus each morning.  I think he’d still answer that recess is his favorite subject…followed by Gym.  I’ve noticed that reading and writing has already started to “click” a bit more with him, but math is still an easier subject.

He brought home this creation the other day:


It has a sweet poem on the back about loving his family.

He said “Ms. Gross told me not to worry because the heart didn’t have to be perfect.”

I said “Well, it looks perfect to me!”

He said “I think it looks like a ship heart with guns.”

Isn’t that lovely?


Meanwhile, things with just me and the girls is….well, it’s girly.

When we’re not at the Y or Ellie’s preschool (which she is loving!), we are usually at home playing ponies, house, coloring, or baking.  This morning I did a lot of babysitting for their dolls.  And if either Riley or Ellie caught me neglecting my duties, by say, emptying the dishwasher while the dolls “played on the floor”, I was sure to hear about it.  When we were getting into the car to go swimming the girls each brought their babies with them.  Ellie suggested I hold the babies up front with me while I was driving.  I suggested they hold their own babies.  She suggested the front seat.  I said the front seat is not safe for babies.  Then I went inside to retrieve something I forgot.  I came back to this:


Problem solved.

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