Sunday, August 21, 2011

Running Low

I think it’s very safe to say that my creative energies are running low….maybe on empty.  We have had a very busy, and hopefully fun, summer but I am eager for school to start and for our regular routines to make a change.  I’ve done, what I think is, a decent job of entertaining the kids each day with something fun, but as of late last week, I’m done.  The only thing I could think of on Friday was for us to wash the car.

And once I played it out in my head, I really thought it was going to be a great idea.  It would get us outside, allow them to splash in some water, spray the water, all things they enjoy doing.  As an added bonus, I would have a clean car.

Unfortunately, the way it played out in my head isn’t quite how it went.


We started out all right.  Everyone took turns spraying the car.  They even enjoyed washing the car with the warm soapy water (and their bare hands) for about 10 minutes.  But, in typical fashion, fights ensued.


Austin wanted his own job so I put him in charge of the wheels.  While he was diligently scrubbing out the brake dust, Ellie started screaming.


She was less than pleased.  Can you tell?

Now, who would do such a thing to this sweet innocent girl? Hmmm…let…me…think….


So, with one child soaked and tearful, one child unyielding of the hose, and one bored with his job (after approximately 2 minutes), we retreated inside defeated and with a car that ended up quite a bit dirtier than it was before my brilliant idea.

There are 15 days left before school starts…let the countdown begin!


Sheri said...

Time to give in to the videos and just know in your head that you are freaking amazing!!!!! Take a bow, grab a donut and put your feet up Tracy!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy, It amazes me that your children are so much alike--but yet so different. It was great to experience each of them alone this summer. But I'll tell you -- they love each other as well as their Mom and Dad and that says a lot about you and Rob as a Mom and Dad. God Bless both of you with your endeavors...
It takes a lot of love and patience!!and sometimes pure craziness!!! Love You, Grandma R.