Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Riley!

Well, the birthday season has drawn to a close in our house.  Riley turned 3 years old last Tuesday!  If you ask her, she'll probably still tell you she's 2, but her outbursts have become all drama so we have definitely entered the "traumatic threes".

She awoke bright and early!  We all went downstairs and she went straight to opening her presents.

Afterwards, the kids enjoyed some donuts (of course) and played with Riley's new toys.  They are playing so great together lately!  It's too bad it has really started to click at the end of the summer and Austin (their ring leader) is going to head off to school all day. 

After a quick breakfast and play session we packed in the van with our neighbors Mia and Chrissy and headed off to the zoo.  It was Riley's activity choice for the day.  We wanted to see the new penguin exhibit (which is much smaller than I envisioned).  While we were checking out the penguins we ran into our other neighbor Barb and her two kiddos.  So, we all did the zoo together!

It was kind of a chilly day but that didn't stop the kids from wanting to play in the zoo park for almost an hour.  I have to say, even though it was double the amount of kids I usually have with me, it was nice to have two other moms to share in the responsibility of keeping track of kids.  It's a great park, the kids LOVE it, but there are SO many nooks and crannies in there and when I go by myself with them, I oftentimes find myself hoping it will be closed for maintenance of some sort.

After the park it was back home for lunch and to play outside.  When Rob got home, we headed to the Lion's Tap which is what Riley requested for dinner.  They brought her cheeseburger out with a candle and loudly announced it was her birthday.  When the whole room began to sing to her she shrunk up like a scared turtle.  But, when one of the other patrons left he slipped Riley a dollar and wished her a happy birthday.  She was very excited about that!

On Saturday we had her family birthday party.  She was delighted to have all her cousins over and of course excited for more presents.

Then ice cream cake.  We think the blizzard ice cream cakes might be a new family favorite.

After cake Riley decided that Dad needed a little sprucing up.  He must have been looking a little blah to her.  Nothing a little eye makeup couldn't help!

Having a 3 year old as my youngest seems a little odd to me.  I haven't been able to put my finger on it yet, but I think 3 just seems so "old" to me now and she is always going to be my baby so the two just don't match up like they used to.

But, no matter the age, we just love this baby girl!

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