Friday, August 19, 2011

The Crops are In!

Our garden is finally starting to produce!  Well, I guess we had snow peas early on that we enjoyed in several stir fry, but now our tomatoes, green beans, peppers, and onions are getting ready for picking. 

Ellie loves to help me harvest the crops, which is good.  Otherwise, I tend to forget to go out there and then by the time I remember the green beans have reached mutant proportions and the tomatoes are all split...nothing is tasty that way.

We're only two peppers away from our first dish of Stuffed Peppers!  Yum!  And the raspberries are going to be coming out our ears in about another week!  I'm most excited for that.  Up until now we've just been getting a handful every other day and the girls pretty much have them polished off before we even get back in the house.  In related news, I have acquired the most perfect raspberry picker.  My non-fruiting eating sister!  She revealed her secret (or not so secret but previously unknown to me) love of picking raspberries.  And unlike my other helpers (ahem...Riley and Ellie) she will not eat any of the goods!  She ranks raspberries #2 on her list of worst fruits to eat (right behind bananas for those of you who were curious). 

Maybe I'll throw a couple veggies her way in exchange.

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