Tuesday, August 30, 2011

But wait! That’s not all…

Rob and I went and ate our way through the State Fair last Friday.  My parents watched the kids all day, and we dined on corn dogs, cheese curds, fried pickles, salted nut rolls, foot longs, hush puppies, cinnie smiths, and….maybe one or two other things I can’t remember.  As usual, it was delicious.

Just as much as eating, we love to just walk around and check out all people and gadgets.  Last year we got a chuckle from one presenter who was selling knives.  Actually, it wasn’t the presenter that made us laugh so much as the lady in front of us.  She turned to us mid-presentation and said “Man, this guy is the best there is here.  I could listen to him give his spiel all day.  Every year I come here and I listen to him all the way through at least twice.  His product….complete sh*t!  I bought them and those knives couldn’t cut through butter, but his presentation is awesome!”

Anyway, back to this year.  We got sucked into one presentation on the Zuko popsicle maker.  Actually, I had seen these at Williams-Sonoma but I wanted to see them in action.  Rob and the kids love popsicles.  I, not so much, but I do love gadgets.  So, after a little deliberation we decided it had been awhile since we’ve made a random fair purchase and walked away with our very own Zoku set.

That was Friday, on Saturday it was ready for it’s first use.  We decided to start simple and just use some Juicy Juice from the fridge.  The booklet claims 7-9 minutes before the popsicles are frozen but we found 13 to be the magic number.


While the kids enjoyed their first popsicles, Rob blended up some strawberries, orange juice, and sugar and made a couple fancier pops for us:


I don’t know why this picture makes the popsicle look so miniature….they are normal size.

Since Saturday, we’ve made pops each day.  The kids and I got a bit crazier by using kool-aid in different colors and making stripes.  Next up we’re going to try making some pudding pops with oreos.  It’s been a fun little gadget so far and I think we’ve met our quota of random fair purchases for the next few years!

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