Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue Ribbon Weekend

This past weekend was pretty jam-packed fun for us.  We kick it off Friday by having some neighbors over for a BBQ.  As it turned out, one of our neighbors had a large jumpy castle for their sons birthday the next day so the kids were more than entertained all night.

Saturday was busy with two birthday parties.  This included more jumping in that castle, and running around with cousins so the kids were extremely worn out come bedtime! 

On Sunday we made our way to the Scott County Fair.  This year Austin entered a lego creation into the Creative Arts portion of the fair.  We've been talking about it for quite some time and he was pretty set on making a "lego base" for his entry.  When he showed me his completed project (basically a large lego sheet with every lego mini figure he owns stuck on it) I suggested he build a ship instead.  I couldn't remember from last year if there was anything at the fair to stop other interested viewers (kids) from touching/taking the entries.  Legos aren't cheap and the mini figures are his favorite part of each of his sets so I was a little worried for Austin to submit a creation with every little guy he owns on it.  Space ships are his forte anyway.

So, I sent him back upstairs with the purpose to build a space ship.  He grudgingly obliged, but I know he had fun doing it because everytime I checked in on him he absorbed in his task and playing out a whole story along the way.  When he finished I asked him what it was and he said it was "an X99 Total 360".  Wow. 

When he got to the fair on Sunday to check out his creation on display we found the Creative Arts building closed.  They had no one to staff it so they just closed it up.  I had to go to the main office and explain that the creative arts building was the only reason we came to the fair.  No offense to anyone running the Scott County Fair but I really dislike it.  Everyone I've encountered on my two trips so far has been rude.  When we were there (11:30 on Sunday) the creative arts building was closed, none of the rides were operating, and 3 food vendors weren't open (out of the probably 15 they have).  The only reason my family paid their $10 to get in was so that Austin could see his lego ship on display.  I finally convinced them to let us in the building through a small side door.  It was easily 110 degrees in there.  It was 90 outside and this shed had been closed up tight since the day before.  Blech.  So, we went in, made a beeline for the kids section and Austin found his creation.

He said "Yes!  A ribbon."  I had to tell him the ribbon was for first place.  Then he was really excited!

He really enjoyed checking out everyone else's submissions and asked me to take pictures of a couple so he could remember them.  I actually like looking at all the creative arts submissions too but we tried to get out of there as soon as possible before heat exhaustion took us all down and no one would be there to find us. 

We each had a hot dog and pop before declaring our 45 minute fair trip done.  I'm very happy for Austin and all his hard work, but it was such a miserable trip to the fair that we contemplated telling him next year that a person is only allowed to enter something once in their life.

We won''s tempting, but we won't.  Next year we'll just hope for a cooler day and friendlier people.

Good work Austin!

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