Thursday, July 7, 2011

This ol' thing?

Rob's company had an event at Canterbury Downs last Thursday, June 30th.  Rob was part of the planning committee for the event and mentioned, to me, no less than 4 times that they were having a hat contest.  One prize for the biggest, one prize for the best.  All four times I declined participation because that's not really my thing.  I'm a lot more comfortable blending into a crowd than standing out in one.

Having said that, I'm not sure what got into me on Wednesday, the 29th, but I decided I would make a hat.  Not just "a hat" though.  I would make "THE hat"....the hat that was recently making headlines.

Yes, that hat.

I immediately enlisted the help of my mom and sister.  I ran my original ideas for construction past them and together we tweaked the design a bit.  Then at 10am on the day of the event my mom and I (and my kids) headed out to Michaels to purchase the necessary items.  $7 later and we were on our way back to my parents house to begin construction.

As it turns out, my original ideas for construction weren't too bad.  But, I purchased wired ribbon in hopes of that being enough to hold the bow shape.  In fact, my mom sewed two pieces of ribbon together because I thought that'd be double the wire and double the sturdiness.  That wasn't the case and my dad walked by with some electrical wire.  You know that flat white covered wire that runs through walls (perhaps walls of unfinished basements that Dads are working on finishing...)  That was just what the hat needed.  Within an hour the basics were done.  Up next was fastening everything together and making it still wearable. 

At this point I was "done".  My craftiness lasts about an hour and then my enthusiasm for the project usually wanes.  My dad and sister discussed most of the fastner options.  In the end, my dad constructed some copper staples to tack things in place, and then the giant (and slightly heavy as far as hats go) bow was fastened to the front by a custom sized bolt and washers.  Meanwhile, Maddie utilized the googly eyes from what used to be a pig hat (ripped apart to be used in my new hat) to entertain me.

And the end result......

Well, the end result was that I won both categories ($100 total) at the Canterbury event.  I didn't want to be greedy though and gave one of the $50 gift cards back for some other contestant to win.

I think I owe my family a Caribou coffee treat.  My sister said it best when I told her the rumor was I had some tough competition...she said "Please!  Nobody does costume contests like the Smiths, they're just talkin' trash."  And although she said it in a joking tone, there is a hint of truth to it.  When it comes to costume contests my parents have trained us well!

As a side note,  what does one do with a Princess Beatrice hat knock-off....she fetched $130,000 for hers on eBay.  Any takers?


Sheri said...

That is seriously the most awesome thing I have ever seen!! I give you credit for just putting it on. Great job!! I think you should email a picture of it to the "castle".

The Pats said...

Try selling it on EBay as a "knockoff". Great job on making it; I'm surprised your dad didn't use duct tape somewhere.