Friday, July 8, 2011

Six at Last!

Austin is one of the youngest in his class so he has spent a whole, agonizing school year watching each of his classmates turn 6 years old.  Today, it is his turn!

He takes after his mom a bit when it comes to birthdays.  We've been hammering out the details of the day for a week or two now.  His requested agenda is as follows:

  • Breakfast in bed (our bed, so he can watch TV)
    • Honey Nut Cheerios
    • Chocolate covered granola bar
    • Juice
(He also will be waking early so he can open his presents before Dad leaves for work.)
  • Bike ride to the Sun Path park; play at park
  • Lunch at a McDonald's with a playland (He suggested Jordan...I suggest a much closer Savage location)
  • A Pontoon ride that includes trying out Grandpa's new pull-behind tube
  • Dinner will be Dominos deep dish pepperoni pizza (Rob really detests that Austin prefers Dominos to Rob's favorite - Pizza and Pasta)

So far, we're right on schedule.  Actually, since he wanted to go to bed at about 6:30 last night (in anticipation of waking up and it being his birthday), we are a bit ahead of schedule.  He woke up over an hour earlier than usual (6:15am) and immediately requested his breakfast.

While dining he watched a National Geographic documentary about Sea Monsters.

Once the girls and Rob were awake it was straight to presents.

From presents, it was straight to playing.

It should be a fairly packed day, but I tell ya what....he's worth every minute!

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Jon said...

Can you say "little Rob?"