Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pontoon Fun

Last year I really enjoyed the pontoon my parents purchased.  My kids could take it or leave it though (mostly leave it) and since my kids and I are a package deal most hours of the day we didn't utilize the pontoon quite as much as I had hoped.

All that changed on Austin's birthday this year.  My parents bought a pull-behind thingy (that's the technical term) to use and we had our inaugural trip on Austin's birthday.  It's what he wanted to do (right after breakfast in bed, presents, etc).  I realize Austin's birthday was about 3 weeks ago, but summer and blogging just don't mix around here.

Austin and I got to take the first spin.  First, I had him jump in the lake with his life jacket.  He's never had a life jacket on in the water and I wanted him to know what to expect if he fell off the pull-behind.  It took me a bit of time to coax him (and, in turn, the girls) into the water, but eventually he jumped in.  And, fast forward, I'm pretty sure swimming in the lake was their favorite part of our 3 hours out there!

I can't explain this next picture.

I don't know why I'm making that face.  Pretending I was a monkey?  Also, my elbow look seriously out of place.  Almost broken.

Whatever the case, after that picture I stuck my feet in the water to liven up the ride a bit.  It worked.  I succeeded in thoroughly drenching both of us.  Next, any inhibitions  Austin had about falling into the lake were gone and I had to hold onto him while he tried to splash me.

I also got to ride with Ellie.

She looks like she maybe had one too many shots before we got in the tube.

And finally, Riley.  Anytime I asked Riley if she was having fun she would throw her hands into the air like she was riding a roller coaster and say "weeeeee!"

Since then my kids ask on a weekly basis if we can take the pontoon out for more rides.  For the last week or more, the pontoon has been inaccessible because of high water, and now a dead battery.

But, at least the kids have changed to more "take it" than leave it.

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